16 Jan

Fix Segmentation fault ccminer in hg680p (armbian)

the problem:
[2022-01-16 05:09:15] 4 miner threads started, using 'verus' algorithm.
[2022-01-16 05:09:17] Stratum difficulty set to 131070
[2022-01-16 05:09:20] CPU T0: Verus Hashing
[2022-01-16 05:09:24] CPU T2: Verus Hashing
[2022-01-16 05:09:24] accepted: 1/1 (diff 325154.423), 642.14 kH/s yes!
./start.sh: line 7: 5723 Segmentation fault ./ccminer -a verus -o stratum+tcp:

problem solving:

reduce CPU speed to 1200000 (1.20GHz) using armbian-config

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